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Working a jojobs in wildlifeb in wildlife will bring you closer not just to animals, but also to nature and the environment as a whole. A career working with wildlife is not a limiting profession. Jobs in wildlife range from wild animal trainer to environmental educator to wildlife management to law enforcement and habitat restoration. With a such a career, you may find yourself taking animals to school children, monitoring bird nests found in challenging terrain and hard to reach locations, or working with farmers in promoting sustainable land use practices. All of these careers will bring you close to many species of animals and allow you to have a positive impact on wildlife.

These careers are not the average 9 to 5 office jobs. Most require working outdoors in the heat, cold, wind, sleet, and snow. Depending on the job, you may spend your day surrounded by animals, school children, invasive weeds when working in habitat restoration, scientific testing equipment, or even government officials as you work to pass environmental legislation.  Rarely do people in this career field find themselves surrounded by four walls and a desk.

Here at Jobs in Wildlife you can explore the many careers with wildlife possibilities, learn what education and experience you need to get such a job, and search environmental and animal job postings in your region. You will also find insider tips for working in this unique field.

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