15 Jobs That Help the Environment and Animals

An outdoor classroom. Photo by USFWS Mountain Prairie, Flickr

Finding a job that matches your passion for animals and the environment can seem challenging. Luckily, there are more jobs the help the environment and animals out there than might immediately be apparent. Whatever your skill set and area of interest, you can find a way to contribute to this very important work.


1. Nature Instructor: A variety of specialized schools offer participants courses about nature. The instructor helps people become more in tune with the wildlife and environment around them.

2. Event Coordinator: Awareness events are crucial in protecting the environment. As a coordinator, you can pull together resources to make sure the event has the desired impact with as few glitches as possible.

3. School/Youth Workshop Leader: Programs aimed at youth and children can be especially effective in garnering respect for animals and the environment at a young age. Leading workshops at different schools and community centers is one way to promote green-friendly living.


4. Arborist: An arborist is someone who takes care of trees and other woody plants. You are a specialist in treating damage, as well as cultivation and maintenance.

5. Organic Farmer: This person focuses on low-impact agriculture, avoiding artificial chemicals and other substances that could harm the environment or the animals that eat the food grown in this way.

6. Park Ranger: National, state, or provincial parks need a lot of tending. As a park ranger, you will be in charge of keeping the area clean and safe for the fauna and flora that live there.


7. Geologist: The importance of the ground’s structure may not be immediately apparent. However, geologists play an important part in informing the world how the environment has changed and what may be causing negative or positive alterations.

8. Biologist: Animals and plants are key players in any green-friendly living style. Biology is divided into numerous subdisciplines, so you can focus in on learning about a topic that you find especially relevant or timely.

9. Animal Behaviorist: This specialist draws on biology and psychology to understand how animals interact with their environment, including humans. The knowledge gained by this type of research can be instrumental in developing safe habitats, among many other things.

Jobs That Help the Environment

Photo by Lance Cheung, Flickr

10. Solar Consultant: It can be a sales position or simply a way of encouraging businesses, government agencies, and individuals to go solar. You might also help in setting up customized solar energy plans to meet your client’s needs. The more solar is used, the less oil is used and that certainly helps the environment and wildlife by reducing the chance for oil spills.

11. Air Technician: This person is responsible for monitoring air quality in a given area. You look at social, economic, and environmental factors to recommend a course of action, such as whether or not a government agency should give an emissions permit to a business.

12. Environmental Consultant: In this position, you make sure that entities are in compliance with environmental regulations. You might work as an outsider or tackle the same questions from within a company.


13. Fundraiser: Money is an unpleasant subject for some people, but somebody needs to raise funds so that non-profits and others can do their great environmental work.

14. Environmental Canvasser: Often, canvassers go door to door to touch base with people in their neighborhood about a particular environmental project. Unlike fundraisers, who focus on money, canvassers encourage active participation in their organization’s initiative.

15. Volunteer Coordinator: A lot of groups rely on volunteers to take care of the environment or create awareness about green-friendly living. The coordinator recruits, trains, and organizes volunteers.

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