Science Degree Jobs: Career Options for Science Students

If science is your passion, then you have probably hundreds of options for turning that passion or interest into a career. Science is actually a very broad subject and science degrees can range from the more obvious, such as biology … Continue reading

Marine Biologist Job Outlook

The marine biologist job outlook includes some growth, but with strong competition for jobs. If you are passionate and dedicated, you can make this a lifelong career. Marine biologists study ocean life, conducting research on aquatic plants and animals.  Those … Continue reading

Where Do Marine Biologists Work?

You may  be surprised at all the places where marine biologists do work. From studying marine life in their natural habitat to developing green energy for the future, marine biologists have a fascinating range of career options. Here are just … Continue reading

Animal Shelter Jobs

You may not realize that starting your career with wildlife can begin with one of the many animal shelter jobs available. Animal shelters often take in more than just cats and dogs. Those near rural areas will also care for … Continue reading

How High School Students Can Start Their Career with Wildlife or in Conservation

It’s true that most jobs require experience and education to get started in this field. And because of hazards on the job, employment and volunteer opportunities maybe restricted to those over the age of 18. However, if you have a … Continue reading

Park Ranger Overview

Choosing a career as a park ranger can provide a rewarding experience for those who enjoy preserving nature, working outdoors, enjoying nature, and wildlife. To become one entails not only submitting a job application but also completing mandatory requirements  for … Continue reading

Steps to Becoming a Park Ranger

Park rangers are responsible for protecting both the park they’re working at and the touring visitors. This duty takes many different forms. Some park rangers specialize in law enforcement, giving them the same power as the local police. Others are … Continue reading