Green Collar Jobs: Are These the Jobs of the Future?

Green collar jobsToday’s job market is competitive and tense. With high jobless rates across the country, employers often have hundreds of applicants to choose from for each open position. Job seekers may spend months sending out dozens of resumes before landing a single coveted interview. However, economists anticipate the economy is starting to improve. With an economic improvement will come new job opportunities, while at the same time that the United States becomes more focused on “going green.” This change in the economy and focus on all things green will drive exponential growth in green collar jobs.

The state of California is leading the way in green job growth. While overall job opportunities fell in California in 2007, during the same period jobs regarded as green jobs increased. This shows the start of a positive trend that is likely to spread across the country. Any report of job increases is welcomed news for job seekers. But just what are green jobs, and what are the qualifications needed for this new green industry?

Jobs considered “green” are actually highly varied and can be found in almost any line of work and skill level. Scientists and conservationists will be needed for habitat restoration, land use planning and environmental protection work. Transportation experts, from civil engineers to software developers to construction workers, will be needed to improve the efficiency of transportation systems. Marketing professionals and sales people will be called upon to grow companies specializing in solar energy and other energy efficiency products for the home and office. Growth in wind power, energy efficient cars and new fuel sources will also add to future green industry job opportunities for researchers and maintenance professionals.

In June 2008 researchers at the Political Economy Research Institute University of Massachusetts, predicted “millions of U.S. workers…across a wide range of familiar occupations, states, and income and skill levels…will all benefit from the project of defeating global warming and transforming the United States into a green economy.” This is the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter their experience and background, job seekers will likely soon find job opportunities opening up in green industries. Getting an education or training in green technologies will great improve your chances of joining this growing market.

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