Where Do Marine Biologists Work?

You may  be surprised at all the places where marine biologists do work. From studying marine life in their natural habitat to developing green energy for the future, marine biologists have a fascinating range of career options. Here are just … Continue reading

Jobs You Can Get With a Degree in Ecology

Earning an undergraduate or advanced degree in ecology can be the start of an exciting and rewarding career in a growing field. An ecology degree opens up a wide range of career options in educational institutions, government departments, non-profit organizations, … Continue reading

Jobs You Can Get With an Environmental Studies Degree

According to the Ohio State University’s School of Environment and National Resources, the field of environmental science is expanding and so are environmental studies degree job opportunities.  The present focus on environmental awareness and resource preservation will allow individuals with … Continue reading

Jobs You Can Get With a Biology Degree

Biology, the science of life, involves studying the function, growth, and structure of living organisms.  It is a diverse field that includes the study of animals, plants, bacteria, fungi, and other organisms.  Biology is also concerned with cells, genes, medicine, … Continue reading

Exotic Animal/Wildlife Veterinary Technician Job Description

What is a Wildlife Veterinary Technician? Just as in pet veterinary medicine, veterinary technicians that specialize as the animal’s nurse and assistant to the veterinarian. With a specialty in wildlife, veterinary technicians work with wild animals often in zoos, aquariums, … Continue reading

Wildlife Veterinarian Job Description

Jobs for veterinarians range from taking care of dogs and cats in a pet clinic to diagnosing and treating giraffes, harpy eagles, and anacondas in a zoo. Wildlife veterinarians specialize in exotic animal medicine, which presents a unique set of … Continue reading

Environmental Planner Job Description

Environmental planners and urban planners have a similar focus. These positions evaluate land use and make plans for how to best use that land for urban dwellers. This can include evaluating infrastructure such as schools and transportation systems, housing, recreation … Continue reading

The Other Skills Needed for Jobs in Wildlife

Some skills you need may seem obvious if you are seeking jobs in wildlife.  Such a career requires education and experience in cleaning cages, animal handling, wild animal nutrition, veterinary medicine, and enclosure construction and maintenance. If your work involves … Continue reading