Wildlife Veterinarian Job Description

Jobs for veterinarians range from taking care of dogs and cats in a pet clinic to diagnosing and treating giraffes, harpy eagles, and anacondas in a zoo. Wildlife veterinarians specialize in exotic animal medicine, which presents a unique set of … Continue reading

Oil Spill Effects on Wildlife: It Only Takes a Drop of Oil

Harm to wildlife, predominantly waterbirds, is where you’ll see the most obvious oil spill effects. Many birds that encounter oil do not survive. Oiled wildlife that do survive, face both short-term and long-term health consequences. Learn how oil affects waterbirds … Continue reading

Oil Spill Responder Job Description

Large oil spills such as the Alaska Valdez and Gulf spills make headline news. Once the headlines fade away, most people’s thoughts of oil spills also fade away. However, smaller spills continue to occur without headlines, making oil spill response … Continue reading

Wildlife Rehabilitator Job Description

Wildlife Rehabilitator Job Duties Working as a wildlife rehabilitator is one of those jobs in wildlife that will have you working directly with animals. The central goal of a wildlife rehab center is to provide care for sick and injured … Continue reading